The Importance of Keeping Your Pup Fit

The Importance of Keeping Your Pup Fit

April 1, 2022

Just like with us, exercising keeps your dog keeps them spry and healthy. It also helps reduce anxiety-related behavioral problems that include barking, chewing, excessive licking, and digging.

Overall benefits of canine fitness include:

  • healthy weight management
  • improved mental health
  • limber joints and strong muscles

April is National Canine Fitness Month and we wanted to share with you some activities to keep your furbaby happy and healthy this year. 

Play and Socialization

Give your pup the chance for off-leash play by bringing them to Pet Paradise for day camp. Running off-leash and playing lets your dog set their own pace. They can burn energy, then rest when they’re tired. In addition to physical exercise, your dog will benefit from socialization and the mental stimulation they get from exploring their surroundings. All the new sights and smells will exercise their brain and make them mentally tired as well. Let the zoomies commence!


Playing fetch with a ball or favorite toy can help reduce anxiety and be great exercise for your dog. Happiness and health can be improved by the continuous activity. It allows the dog to focus on the task at hand instead of other distractions that might cause anxiety. Pet Paradise’s Playtime Coordinators have a knack for fetch, and know how to tire out even the most energetic pup. 


Swimming is an all-in-one workout for you and your pup. This is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis since it’s a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints. Swimming strengthens the heart, improves endurance and works multiple muscle groups at once. It’s not for every pup but with some encouragement and the right toys, they may start to enjoy some laps in our bone-shaped pool.

Agility Training

Just like fetch, agility training is another goal-oriented sport. At Pet Paradise, we have doggy jungle gyms where they can jump up on platforms, run up some steps, or crawl underneath. This type of agility helps your dog improve their coordination.

Every dog is different and some may need more or less exercise than others. Just as you would go to the doctor for an evaluation before starting an exercise routine, the same goes for your pup — start with a trip to the vet. Your furbaby should be evaluated for any heart, lung, or other health problems before participating in any increased physical activity. Many of our Pet Paradise locations include veterinary care where we can check out your pup before play. Get started by booking an exam today!